Aljezur and surroundings

From Arrifana to Carrapateira


Distance: 24 km + Return Route 21 km
Climb one way: 413 m
Descent one way: 500 m

Somewhat difficult


A path through almost untouched nature. Along the  Atlantic Ocean and through the mountains.

Marvel at the sea which is whipping powerful against the cliffs or enjoying the quiet beaches. The route goes through an impressive hilly landscape. You will pass cork oak forests, ride through eucalyptus forests and discover wild olive trees and strawberry trees.

Large areas of this route are covered with Maccie, especially with rock roses.

It is worth a stay on the pebble beach Canal. This is mostly, even in high season, completely deserted. Because it is barely reachable by car.

Every now and then there are grazing animals in this idyllic landscape. After the picturesque village of Bordeira, it goes into a valley with the river Carrapateira. In Carrapateira you can relax in one of the many cafés. A trip to the beaches Amado or Bordeira is recommended. The coast between these two beaches is one of the most beautiful in Portugal and can be easily explored by bike.

This tour can be combined with other routes in Bordeira or Carrapateira

From Aljezur to Arrifana


Distance: 12 km

Climp: 284 m

Descent: 184 m

Somewhat difficult


From the castle ruin in Aljezur you can enjoy the breathtaking view into the fertile valley of the old riverbed. There also grow the famous sweet potatoes from Aljezur. The rivers and streams goes through this species-rich area. A harmonious agricultural landscape where humans still respectfully deal with the nature. You can see many insects, birds, amphibians and mammals. And you can also find many butterflies and flowers.

When you leave the town you have a fantastic view over the valley of the Aljezur river. It ends at the beach Amoreira in the sea. You cycle through a hilly, species-rich area. As soon as you can see the sea, the landscape changes. Now you ride through salty winds and low-growing bushes. Soon you arrive at the unique bay Arrifana.

This tour can be combined with the routes "Vale da Telha and the 4 beaches of Aljezur, "Amoreira Tour" or "Arrifana - Carrapateira

Vale da Telha and the 4 beaches of Aljezur CIRCULAR TRAIL 

Distance: 37 km

Climb: 613 m

Somewhat difficult (Easy if you omit the descent to the beach Canal)


On this tour you have the opportunity to get to know all the breathtaking beaches of Aljezur. No one is like the other. Every beach has a completely different atmosphere. Dune, fine sand, rocks, cliffs .... you will see everything. And you will pass the idyllic lake of Vale da Telha. The tour is a perfect combination of resort, beach and nature. You also have lots of restaurants and cafes available. If you omit the southern section of the Canal Beach, it is a very simple tour that leads mainly over paved roads. Do not be afraid of the dogs in the place. "his bark is worse than his bite" ;-)

 This tour can be combined with the route "Aljezur - Arrifana"

The hills and valleys of Aljezur CIRCULAR TRAIL


Distance: 18 km

Climb: 283 m



Begin this simple tour in the cute village Aljezur. There is a lot to discover. The castle ruin, from which you have a breathtaking view, the cute lanes in the old town, the churches ... You ride west into an idyllic valley, directly along a river (in the summer unfortunately mostly dried). Then it goes uphill in a eucalyptus forest. Once at the top you have a magnificent view that reaches to the sea. On the way back you will pass "Burros & Artes", which offer wonderful donkey hikes.

This tour can be combined with the routes "Aljezur - Arrifana", "Amoreira Tour"  "Reservoir Bravura"



Distance: 9,5 km

Climb: 116 m



 This tour is perfect for beginners. You just have to ride a few ups and downs. The section right on the coast is very sandy. Inexperienced mountain bikers please get off the bike an walk through this area. Because you can easily lose control of your bike.

At the beginning of the tour, the area is quite dull. It is hard to believe that you will soon find yourself in a natural paradise. You cycle between green hills, rock roses, eucalyptus forests and juniper trees. Especially on the river that ends at the beach Amoreira, the biodiversity is amazing. A sea of flowers and herbs awaits you in spring. The beach Amoreira is one of the most beautiful on the Costa Vicentina. A little cooling in the fresh Atlantic Ocean with impressive scenery is possible. Then you ride along the beautiful coast. It goes into a pine forest until you come back to the campsite through the landscape.

This tour can be combined with the routes "Hills and Valleys of Aljezur", or "Aljezur - Arrifana" 

The  reservoir Bravura CIRCULAR TRAIL


Distance: 12,5 km

Climb: 157 m



The lonely Barragem de Bravura or Barragem de Odiáxere is a quiet alternative to beach tourism. The bike ride can be perfectly combined with a cool bath in the water. The reservoir, which has countless arms, is used for irrigation and power generation. The lake is surrounded by a hilly forest landscape. A dreamlike backdrop, which hardly attracts attention. As so often in Portugal, you have this paradise mostly all to yourself. You will experience an unique landscape on this tour. Because of the reservoir and some rivers in this region it could developed an impressive biodiversity. You can see cork oaks, rock roses, grapes, strawberry trees, pines, eucalyptus etc. surrounded by birdsong. A paradise for every nature lover. The paths are all very easy to ride and suitable for beginners. You can concentrate completely on the environment. In the rainy season it could be that the small rivers that you have to cross may be too high and it can get very muddy ....

Be sure to bring food. You will not find any rest points on this tour.

This tour can be combined with the route "Hills and Valleys of Alezur"

From Odeceixe to Aljezur


Distance: 18 km

Climb: 123 m

Descent: 108 m

Somewhat difficult


On this tour you will get to know the levadas (water channels). The island of Madeira is famous for these irrigation channels, but they are also available in southwestern Portugal. You ride partly through flat landscape with panoramic views of the Atlantic and the Monchique mountains. The route crosses farmland, pine and eucalyptus forests. The, for this area famous, sweet potatoes are also growing here. Near the villages and around the farms are some vegetable and fruit plantations where  Olive, lemon, orange and fig trees bear fruit. Birds and humans share this area peacefully. In spring you can hear the cuckoo and the bee-eater very often. Typical for this tour are the numerous herds of cattle and sheep. Often you meet shepherds, who steer the herd with their dogs. On this route you have twice the opportunity to make a short detour to the beach. Finally, you reach the beautiful river valley of Aljezur until you come to the small town with the same name. It is worth a little tour through the picturesque old town, up to the castle, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

This tour can be combined with the route "Tour Amoreira"